Friday, April 29, 2011

RETT syndrome and DMSO

Early yet promising information when Rett doesn't seem to hold too much. One of the children who I have seen over the past 3 years for her "autism" diagnosis turned out to have Rett syndrome. The diagnosis came a few weeks ago. SInce we have been using DMSO for autism I told the mom that we can give it a try for her daughter with Rett. Since Dr. Stanley W.Jacob in his website explains that it can help with Down's syndrome and the retardation that comes along with it, it restarts the mitochondria amongst many other fantastic attributes that DMSO has, I figured that it might help. The child is a non-verbal, 4 year old who has never walked. In the first week of taking DMSO she has walked 4 steps un assisted, said "no" appropriately and is very happy and well connected. It is early to tell what the progress will be. I will blog from time to time and hope that this message reaches those who most need it. The families gets there DMSO from and the wonderful research by Dr Stanley W. Jacob is available at