Friday, September 17, 2010

MMS day 2, 5 yr old autism high functioning

So, this morning at 7:30 am my phone rings. It is too early for any normal calls. I was sound I was worried that it could be something wrong with an aging parent far away, I jump to the phone. It is one of my best friends who has a high functioning 5 year old son with autism. She put her son on MMS last week. It took her 7 days to get to a full dose. That for his 35 pound self is 1 drop 8 times a day. After 2 short days on MMS she calls me to tell me that he is doing amazing. That she feels that MMS is going to be an important part of the autism recovery. That her son on the first full day of MMS that he had zero meltdowns at school. And that he is saying "Hi Mommy, how are you" instead os " Hi Mommy". He said a whole lot of other new phrases. He has always been verbal but a word or two here and there. He is now chatty and asking questions. We are very excited

MMS Autism blog 1

I am the director of a not for profit DAN! autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We have everything; a 2.5 ton hyperbaric chamber, ABA therapy, IV chelation, oxone therapy, neurofeedback and supplements. We have recoevered children from our clinic with theses supplements. However, not all of the kids recover. Why? That is a question that I ask myself. So, I have kept looking and looking for the answers. My biggest motivation is my own son. Patrick is 10 years old. After every treatment you can imagine, he has still not recovered. We have done the invasive IV chelation. Recovers many kids but didnt recover mine. And we have done the very non-invasive treatment of healers. Ummm, not really. But anyhow, we keep on trying. Figuring that the day that we find something that recovers our son will be the treatment that will be the missing peice of the puzzle. We have been at this since March 12, 2004. As of today, September 17, 2010 our son has not recovered yet he is better than ever. We began the gf,cf,sf (gluten free/casein free/soy free) diet in March of 2004. Patrick recovered 3 words with the diet. We began the SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) in June of 2005 and saw more improvement. We did hyperbarics (HBOT) in January of 2006 and saw more improvements. However, the other 60 things we tried proved mostly fruitless. Until...
MMS. MMS is Miracle Mineral Solution from Jim Humble. I had tried it myslef about a year and a half ago. What I didnt realize is that it seriously works. I got a rash. I had not identified it as a Herxheimer/die-off. I got scared and stopped. Instead of pushing through and using it on my son. Then a friend of mine began to do the protocol with Dr Goldberg an immunologist in LA. The idea is that autism is an immune issue and that all of our kids have a stealth virus living in their brain. I began to think about this MMS that I had tried a year prior. I began to dedicate all of my free time (haha) to google university and learning all that was available about MMS and virus, blood brain barrier, bacteria, heavy metales and candida (yeast). MMS passed with flying colors. MMS passes the blood brain barrier (BBB) so that it can get to the stealth virus living so freely in the brain. Since not much can pass the BBB except for vaccine and MMS. I dont know if anything else can. I am not an expert on BBB. So, I figured that I needed to learn how to use it if I were going to go after certain things. I emailed Mark Grenon from the Jim Humble Institute. He emailed me back! I was so happy. I thought about going to the Dominican Republic (DR)and taking their course for a week. However, I am away from home more than I would like and I can use my time better. Mark sent me info about taking the course on DVD. I bought it. It should be here in 2 week. Meanwhile, Mark had given me a protocol to get started. Within a week Patrick had some big wows in his recovery. I kept on emailing Mark for help. He was very kind and helped answer my questions. Mark got me on the right path.
I help a lot of people with their children¨s recovery. But, I wanted to do this without telling anyone. However...I have a BIG mouth and I love to share the cake with everyone. Plus, people were seeing Patrick at my clinic and saying "I want what she´s having". So, one by one I began telling people what I was doing. Mark gave me the name of a woman who is Jim´s right hand in Mexico, Clara. Clara has been infinitly helpful to me. SHe also sells MMS in Mexico and on her website you can find the MMS book for free to download in Spanish. .I was able to buy a bunch of MMS and give it to the local families. Within a very few short weeks we were now pulling 17 kids taking MMS and all families saying WOW!. Since I was unable to find any info in English about MMS and autism, I have decided to blog on the experiences of my child and the rest of the kids that I am overseeing. I have the parents keeping a notebook of the daily dosages and the changes in their children. The good and the bad. My parents are professional biomed parents. So, we all know how to stay just under vomiting or diarreah. We are detectives. So, there has been almost nothing of bad and almost all good in the notebooks. I have them keeping them so we can blog each child. You can go in and identify with one child or another. Like the 30 pound 5 year old high functioning child who began doing incredible well on day 2 of full dosage etc.
To buy MMS in Mexico and Latin America, Clara can ship anywhere in the world. Clara is fully bilingual. Her website is above and her email is . And the website that I use in the USA is . Jim Humble´s website is The protocols as of 2009 are a dose of MMS every hour during 8 hours a day. The little kids are taking 1 drop every hour for 8 hours and the bigger kids like mine is doing 3 drops every hour for 8 hours a day. If you need some help, feel free to email me at I never look at the comments that people post at the end of my blog. I dont have time.
I hope to blog some successes Monday or Tuesday for some of the kids. I have one from today that I might take the time to do very soon.
Best of Health,