Friday, September 17, 2010

MMS day 2, 5 yr old autism high functioning

So, this morning at 7:30 am my phone rings. It is too early for any normal calls. I was sound I was worried that it could be something wrong with an aging parent far away, I jump to the phone. It is one of my best friends who has a high functioning 5 year old son with autism. She put her son on MMS last week. It took her 7 days to get to a full dose. That for his 35 pound self is 1 drop 8 times a day. After 2 short days on MMS she calls me to tell me that he is doing amazing. That she feels that MMS is going to be an important part of the autism recovery. That her son on the first full day of MMS that he had zero meltdowns at school. And that he is saying "Hi Mommy, how are you" instead os " Hi Mommy". He said a whole lot of other new phrases. He has always been verbal but a word or two here and there. He is now chatty and asking questions. We are very excited

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